"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking." Miranda Priestly - The Devil Wears Prada

Alberta Ferretti dress (rent it!)
Serpui Marie clutch (rent it!)
Mossimo wedges (similar)

Photographed by: Tyler

Are you guys freaking out as much as I am that this is an OUTFIT post?!  For a second there I thought it was never going to happen again!  I literally didn't get a single outfit photographed during the winter, but let's be honest, there really wasn't much to photograph.  The winter was long and it felt like it was never going to end, however, it is finally over! So you'd better believe that I busted out this fantastic floral dress to celebrate mine and Tyler's anniversary last week.  4 years!  Holy crap!  How did 4 years go by so unbelievably fast?!  Can someone let me know how to slow things down a bit?  K, thanks!

So yes, this dress!  This is one of the new dresses from Rent the Runway.  As you guys know, that's where I've been hiding the last few months when I've been too busy to update you here.  And I suppose I'm long overdue to show off some of the amazing pieces we have!  I literally squealed when this Alberta Ferretti dress hit our website and then literally squealed again when we first received it in the showroom.  It's perfect and it completely embodies my current style.  So obviously I had to wear it out for a day long anniversary date with the hubs.  During the afternoon we strolled through Chelsea Market & The High Line and then we ended the night by watching The Realistic Joneses on Broadway.  Aside from countless Marilyn moments created by the ruthless NYC wind, I had a fantastic day in a fantastic dress! 


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Recent Obsession: Bow Shoes


Hi friends!  I know it's been a while and I promise that I have stories  to catch you up on my life but I must hold out just a little longer before I fill you in on everything.  There are a few crazy things going on right now and I'd rather wait until I can give you full resolutions instead of starting a story without an ending.  So, for now, I'm going to attempt to bring you as much fashion as frequently as I can.  Hopefully soon it will be as consistent (& as full of outfit posts!) as you and I would both like.  

One of my latest recent obsessions has been fabulous shoes with bows.  Now, this isn't really something I just started drooling over but rather an ongoing lust that I just couldn't hold it any longer.  You and I both know that I'm a huge sucker for girly details like bows, so I've rounded up a few current favorites of mine in both flat and high heel form.  I hope you'll be as inspired as I am going into Spring with these pretties in mind. 


Have a fantastic week!!


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Video: DBN Pen Pals February Box


Check out Designs by Nicolina!


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Recent Obsession: Clutches


Lately I haven't been able to stop thinking about the millions of clutches I so obviously need in my life.  From casual foldovers to minaudières, I have a slew of favorites that I'm majorly crushing on.  I thought you all might like a little inspiration [or even an excuse to do some online shopping!] for your next formal to your next night out.  Enjoy!


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Can't Live Without: Mani Edition


I have so many favorites from beauty to fashion to food and beyond.  It just seems natural to start a Can't Live Without series for you!  I'm excited to kick it off with the products that are most requested from my at home mani routine.  These 3 are an amazing combo!  

I wish I could remember who originally told me about each of these products but I'm positive it was from a mix of fabulous bloggers and YouTubers.  These three items are the Dream Team of my DIY mani. Seriously, my life changed when I started using them.  Pair any polish [albeit one of the Essie or OPI calbiber definitely holds up best] with these 3 for a long wearing, gorgeous mani. You can also expect to watch people's jaws drop when you tell them you did it yourself!  We'll just call it a hidden talent! ;)

Have a beautiful weekend, friends! 


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