Holiday Gifts: The Jewelry Lover


You guys do know how difficult it was for me to only include these jewelry picks, right? I could seriously have gone on for days. Needless to say, this roundup of jewelry should satisfy all your jewelry loving friends' sweet spot. Oh, you want to do a little shopping for yourself? Well don't let me get in your way! It will just be our little secret!


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Holiday Gifts: The Beauty Lover


First things first, I don't even understand how it is possible to be talking about holiday gift guides already!  Time sure isn't slowing down for any of us so we had better get a jump start on the holiday shopping.  At this rate Christmas will be here next week!

This year I decided to stray from my typical gift guides of sorting options by person, but instead, I'll be sharing gift guides by interests.  I think this will give you so many more options for all those names on your shopping list.  As you can see, I decided to start with a category I definitely fall in, The Beauty Lover.  Some makeup and some skincare, some I've tried and some I'm hoping to try, you're sure to find the perfect beauty buy for everyone on your shopping list!

Check back each Wednesday through December for a new shopping guide in the Holiday Gift series!


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A Sunday Stroll


Anthropologie jacket
H&M t-shirt 
Anthropologie necklace (old)
 vintage Liz Claiborne bag

Photographed by: Tyler 

I know you see all the other fashion bloggers with their super cute white Converse or Superga sneakers, but you know, I'm still not over Toms.  When I was buying this pair recently, Tyler actually said to me "I can't believe you still like those.  Don't you think they're a little overdone now?"  Well, maybe so, but you just can't beat a comfy shoe in this city that you know works. And when they have a fuzzy faux-fur lining you buy them.  In two colors.  Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

I am sorry, however, for the rough photos today, folks.  Don't take the graininess out on the photographer though. We were fighting the lighting conditions and I refused to go another day without an outfit for you, so we made a little sacrifice.  Anyone else still surprised when the sun starts setting super early?  I'm really hoping I'll get adjusted soon! 

Have an amazing week! I'll see you back here Wednesday!

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