Beauty Buy: Nyx Round Case Lipsticks

I have a little secret to share.  
I don't [typically] wear expensive lipsticks.   Yes, that's right!  Most of my pops of color come from a tube that costs less than $4!  That is less than most lipsticks from your basic brands like Maybelline, Covergirl, and Revlon.  While I have a few favorites from MAC that I love dearly (and are still totally affordable at around $15), my absolute favorites are the Round Case Lipsticks by Nyx Cosmetics.  This great line of lipsticks comes in, get this, 144 shades!  No, I didn't mean 14 or even 44.  There are a whopping 144 shades!!  My absolute favorite is the one pictured above: Chic Red (seen here).  I also frequently wear Eros (seen here), Fire, and Rose.  While each shade seems to have it's own unique texture and coverage, my application method seems to always yield great results.  I apply, blot, and then reapply.  It leaves an even color and that base coat helps it last even longer.  Of course, using a coordinating liner to fill in the lip before applying will make the color last even longer, 
but I usually skip that step since these colors don't bleed on the edges of my lips 
(another major plus!). 

So you may have already said "But Jordan, I can't pull off a bold lip like you!" 
 I know this because I hear that ALL THE TIME!  I'm here to tell you YES YOU CAN! 
 I did not always wear lipstick.  I was actually terrified of it for many years.  The simple truth is that I liked how it looked on other people and I decided I was going to wear it too.  
YOU can do that.  I promise.  It might take a couple times to get used to it,
 but it can be the new you just like it became the new me a few years ago.  If you have to, 
start simple by introducing it only into your 'night out' looks.  Pretty soon you'll be ready 
to wear it to work, class, the mall, the gym.. okay.. so maybe I'll have to stop you from wearing it to the gym!  Have confidence.  That's all it takes!

Feeling inspired to brighten up your look with one of these great colors?  Check them out at Ulta where you can often find them on sale!  I have been known to stock up on my favorite colors when they are 40% off (that's like $2.40 each!).  You can never have too many!  Currently, you can get free shipping with a $25 purchase (code 80582) and $10 off any $60 online purchase (code 89776).  Enjoy!



  1. So, it totally helps that I have a hair appointment at Ulta tonight. :) Might have to pick up one of these AMAZING colors!

  2. How perfect!! You'll love them! Promise!


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