Hip Hip Beret!

Shirt: Old Navy (recent) / Jeans: Old Navy (old) / Jacket: Attention (old, Kmart) / Beret: Target 
Shoes: Audrey Brooke (old, DSW) / Nails: Ulta "Blues Cruise" & "Piñata Yada" / Lips: Nyx "Eros"
Photographed by: Ricky Strong

I'm not gonna lie, I've been dying for a sequin beret since I first 
spotted Rachel Zoe wearing one seasons ago. When I was shopping in 
Target last week and spotted it, well, let's just say it was a magical moment.  
I love how versatile it is! It's just the perfect mix of both dressy and casual.  
Here I paired it with comfy long sleeve tee and cotton blazer for a relaxed 
took.  It will also look great with just a basic tee and jeans on my next day of 
running errands.  And, I'm especially looking forward to pairing it with a great 
skirt and top for a dressier look!  Do you like to wear sequins? How do 
you incorporate them into your wardrobe? 


You may remember that I had the opportunity to style my bestie, Lauren, a couple 
of weeks ago for a wedding that she was attending.  She finally got to wear it  
on Saturday and she looked so amazing!!  Continue reading to see for yourself!

Dress: Forever21 (recent)  / Necklace: Forever21 (recent) / Belt: Target 
 Shoes: Charlotte Russe (old) / Earrings: Unknown


  1. Danielle RichardsonOctober 23, 2012 at 10:48 AM

    Love the beret! You did a great job styling Lauren. Next time I come to Lexington you are taking me shopping!

    1. Sounds like a date!! Just let me know!! xx

  2. Super cute sequins and I love your nails. :) Lauren looks great!

    1. Thanks so much!! She was a lot of fun to dress up - maybe next time she'll let me push her out of comfort zone a little more! ;)

  3. I love your nail varnish, so sparkling!:)

    1. Thank you!! The trick was layering a glitter polish over ANOTHER glitter polish! ;) You can never have too much glitter!!

  4. Great blog! I love this look!


    1. Thanks girl! I loved the looks on your blog, too! xo


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