The Color Run

Okay, so this isn't exactly a fashion post.
My weekend was just too fun to keep these photos to myself!  
A few of my friends and I took a little trip down to Nashville for The 
Happiest 5k on the Planet... The Color Run.  Not only was this my first time 
participating in The Color Run, but it was also my very first 5k!  What makes 
The Color Run so special?  Every kilometer of the race there are volunteers
 covering you in a different colored powdered "paint" and a huge party at the 
end.  As you can imagine, I LOVED it!  Everyone was decked out in the most 
fun costumes and the positive energy was just contagious. 
I hope each of you had a fabulous weekend!!

Continue reading for more photos from The Color Run!

Please excuse the blurs - we used Saran Wrap to protect our phones!

Taken with Instagram (@opalandviolet)


  1. Hey Jordan! I nominated your blog for the Leibster award.

    Feel free to answer the questions and pass the award along or just know that I love to read your blog. Hope you are doing well. : )


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