Blog Swap: Beauty & Bows

Today is my very first Blog Swap!!  
You, my fabulous Opal & Violet readers, have a wonderful 
guest post today by the gorgeous Star from Beauty & Bows!  We're getting 
dressed a little fancy to inspire your holiday party looks!  Once you've fallen in 
love with Star's style here, head over to her blog where you can both 
follow her and check out my outfit post!  Enjoy!


Hi there! This is Star from Beauty & Bows 
and I'm thrilled to do a blog swap with Jordan on a holiday party outfit! For this outfit I mixed and matched items I already had to create a dressy and functional holiday look! This dress was purchased on sale last year from Dillards. I paired it with a thrifted black blazer, black belt from another shirt, polka dot tights from Gap, necklace from Francesca's, and clutch and flats from TJMaxx.  By adding a blazer I created layers to peel off if the party gets warm. My friends and I usually have a low-key gathering so flats seemed a more functional choice. I wanted to add some holiday sparkle to my outfit but without buying anything new, so I looked for items I already owned that had some glitz, like this clutch and shoes.

Good luck with planning your holiday look!! 
Be sure to check out Jordan's look over at Beauty & Bows!!


  1. Love the green and gold when everyone else reaches for red!

    1. I agree! The green & gold combination is unexpected yet totally perfect for the holidays!

  2. Love this holiday look!! She is so cute!

    1. She is a doll!! Glad you love it, Kal! xx

  3. Replies
    1. She did such a great job on this look!! Glad you like it!

  4. Replies
    1. Me too!! I'm in major need of a pair like hers! xx

  5. Super cute! I love that green dress :)
    xo, Amy

    1. Thanks Amy! I love this dress on her, too!


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