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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas on Opal & Violet

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I have to start this out by saying I love Valentine's Day. 
I completely understand that it's not for everyone but I think it's so sweet
to have a day to celebrate love.  I'm sure there were years in my singleness 
that I felt differently, but as I've gotten older I've decided that there are so many
people in our lives that deserve to have their love celebrated than just those that 
we might be in a relationship with.  So yes, I love love. And with that being said, 
think it's a great idea to show a little token of our love through gifts. Here are 
few of my picks for the ladies!  While my hubs and I have taken a different route
 for our gifts this year (we bought ourselves tickets to 2 summer concerts: She 
& Him and Fall Out Boy) these are the items that I would have loved to have
 received! Check back on Wednesday to see my top picks for the guys!


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  1. totally lusting over that pink bag!! and those polkadot toms are TOO flipping cute!


    1. OMG me too!! I'm pretty sure I NEED them both! xo

  2. I LOVE Valentines day!! These are great picks love them all!

    1. Isn't it a great day to celebrate?! Thanks dear!!! xo


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