Friday's Fancies: Beach Ready!

Friday's Fancies: Beach Ready!

Swimsuit // Towel // Sunscreen // Polish // Hat // Bag

I must start by saying that my Friday's Fancies posts 
are meant to be a sort of "wishful thinking" approach to styling
myself.  Mostly that means I disregard all prices and create outfits 
that I would just love to wear.  Well, today's is no exception, however,
this week I not only ignored the cost but also the fact that I never (ever!)
wear a swimsuit!  Yes, I'm basically the only person in the world that
doesn't enjoy a summer full of beaches and pooltime.  It's just not my 
thing!  However, if I were to be a beach bunny then this would
 be my ideal look.  And you better believe that my key summer 
accessory is sunscreen!  Protect that gorgeous skin, y'all!

I'm headed to Indianapolis tomorrow to see Fall Out Boy
with Tyler and our bff Ricky!  We are so excited!!  You know
what else is exciting?!  Today is Ricky's birthday!! Yay!!
Happy Birthday, bestie!! xo

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


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  1. Have fun this weekend. Sounds like a fun time!

    And I hate bathing suits too lol. Otherwise I'd be at the beach everyday!

  2. hot outfit! if only i had cute teeny boobs for a hot suit like that!
    the towel is my fav!

  3. Love that towel! I'm a little confused by the coverage situation of that bathing suit, but all for the wishful thinking approach!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. It's all so glamorous!

    desert girls vintage

  5. i agree with the sunscreen, i always have it with me!!
    MI Vivere


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