Friday's Fancies: Stars + Stripes!

Friday's Fancies: Stars + Stripes!

Top // Pants // Ring // Bracelet // Bag // Sandals // Polish // Perfume // Color Pigments

I hope you all had an amazing 4th!  There was a ton of 
rain in my area so sadly it was a bit of a dreary day although it
didn't stop a fabulous cookout with friends at my bestie Megan's
new house!  Unfortunately, I've been a bit under the weather since
my last post, so I've not quite had the energy to put together a good
 outfit for you guys.  I'm hoping I'll get my strength back this weekend
 so that I can get back to my regular posts next week!

What did you do to celebrate the 4th?  Will you continue
celebrating on into the weekend?  If so, take a little inspiration
from today's post for a stylish Stars + Stripes look.  All the ladies
linking up on Long Distance Loving are sure to have some amazing
outfits as well so don't miss out on those, too!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. love those sandals + nail polish! have a great weekend. xo jillian cornflake dreams

  2. Hi Jordan! I love your blog! I follow you on Instagram and am new to blogging! I am also from Kentucky! My blog is I am still learning and figuring things out! I have a question... What do you use to make your photo collages like the one in this post? I have been using something called Picasa but I'm not liking it too well. Hope you check out my blog! Thanks! :)


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