Friday's Fancies: Short + Sweet

Friday's Fancies: Short + Sweet

Top // Shorts // Bow // Lips // Bag // Shoes

First things first: I could cry because I lost 
my mind last week and didn't get my Friday's Fancies
 post up.  There was SO MUCH hustle and bustle with 
traveling and move planning and everything else that I 
totally just failed.  I am, however, totally back on my game 
and excited about this week's theme: Shorts!  I'm sure 
you're wondering why I'm excited because, as you all know, 
never wear shorts.  Well, that's what I love about Friday's 
Fancies. It's a place for me to dream about outfits I can't 
afford and that I sometimes have no where in the world to 
ever wear them.  If I had great legs, this would be the perfect 
shorts outfit for me. It has my favorite elements: black and 
white, pop of color, and comfort.  Yes, this is the exact 
outfit I'll be dreaming of wearing this weekend! 

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  1. love the look! esp. the purse!

  2. I love the diagonal stripes on this top. And you are forgiven for not doing last week's post - just this once;) Blessings.Susan


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