Friday's Fancies: Treat Time!

Friday's Fancies: Treat Time!

This week for Friday's Fancies we're
 bringing you fashion based on one of our 
favorite Summer treats!  While I immediately
thought of using some delicious watermelon 
as inspiration, I decided to take a more playful 
approach.  Today's look is based on a vanilla
ice cream cone with sprinkles! It had been a 
while since I'd indulged myself on this treat 
but I made sure to enjoy one while I was 
visiting NYC a couple of weeks ago.  So 
delicious and so playful - just like today's 
outfit.  Well, maybe not the delicious part! ;)

Head over to Long Distance Loving for 
more delightful outfits inspired by yummy 
Summer treats!  And if you're feeling extra 
sweet today, I'd LOVE for you to go vote for 
Contest!! Thank you!!


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  1. I can't believe it, we have the same "inspiration" for our outfits! I also did an ice cream cone with sprinkles! Very cute dress you picked out here!

  2. So pretty! Love the white dress with the pop of color!

  3. I love sprinkles! I did an ice cream theme, too, only mine was neapolitan. Have a blessed day!


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