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Hey everyone!  I've missed you guys like crazy.  
And, coincidentally, that's how my life has been lately: 
crazy! Please know that the lack of posting here has not 
been a lack of interest but more of a lack of time.  Moving is 
so exhausting and time consuming and, well, you get the 
picture!  The exciting thing is that today is moving day: part 
1! Yay!! We've spent the last 5+ years of our lives in the 
great city of Lexington but today we're packing up our stuff 
and heading to Southeast Kentucky to spend the last few 
days of the month with our families.  On Sunday we'll 
officially be on our way to NYC!  So for today and the next 
few days, I have some really fabulous bloggers who are 
stepping in to give you your fashion fix since I'm not able to. 
 First up is another Lexington lady, the super sweet Whitley 
of Simply Whit in a Sequined Life!  I'm so thankful to have 
become friends with her through this awesome blogging 
world and I know all of you will love her just as much as I do! 
 Be sure to check out her blog for more of her fabulous style!  


Hello lovelies!

My name is Whitley, and I blog over at Simply Whit in a Sequined Life.  I am so excited and honored to be blogging for Jordan while she heads off to begin a new chapter of life in New York City (SO jelly!).

Just a little bit about myself before I get started, I'm a twenty-something girl living in the Midwest/South who loves to document my journey through shopaholic recovery...Just kidding.  

But in all seriousness, I started my blog to have a creative outlet to express my style and share my love of fashion with others, while trying not to be too much of a shopaholic :D.  I am always on the hunt for great buys while still investing in quality, versatile pieces.  I do have a weakness for polka dots...and leopard...and maybe plaid, too.

I was so excited that Jordan asked me to blog for her today!  At first I thought about doing an outfit post like I do with most of my posts, but then I thought it would be fun to play around on Polyvore and create outfits around one of my favorite color trends for fall:  mustard.  This color has been cropping up the past couple of years in fashion, and this year it is a fall staple color! So today, I wanted to bring you a couple of ways to wear mustard and what colors and patterns easily pair with it.  When I was first introduced to my mustard skinny jeans, I had no clue what I was going to pair them with.  And then I turned to the best resource the internet has to offer:  Pinterest.  I literally typed in "mustard skinny jeans" and was greeted with thousands of pins.  Such a wonderful place for inspiration!  To help other fashionistas out, I wanted to create three different outfits that would be easy to recreate for different environments or occasions.

  Outfit #1:
Mustard, stripes, cream, and leopard
With the first outfit, I kept the colors to neutrals and played with patterns and textures.  I am absolutely in love with this puffer vest from J.Crew Factory!  The cream color is sold out online but I am sure I can find it in store somewhere.  Wear it over a striped button down for a casual yet sophisticated touch, and add some leopard for a fun pop of color (also considered a fall staple!).  Btw, how AMAZING is this Kate Spade bag???  Too bad it's sold out already....and it's over $900.

Outfit #2: Mustard, Purple, Beige, and Cream
With outfit #2, I decided to create an outfit that would be appropriate for a professional environment (and add in deeper colors).  This rich plum color looks gorgeous next to the mustard pencil skirt, and it's no wonder, because purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel from yellow ( meaning they are perfect complimentary colors).  To keep the outfit from becoming too colorful for the workplace, cream and beige tones were added to soften the look.  By the way, the skirt and blazer are both from H&M.

Outfit #3:
Mustard blazer with Plaid

In this last outfit I kept it casual for running errands or brunch with girlfriends.  The blazer is a great piece for dressing up a denim outfit and adding a touch of sophistication.  The mustard of the blazer matches the yellow threads running through the plaid button down, and the chestnut boots and cream scarf make this a cozy fall outfit.  If you are looking for an affordable option (this blazer is over $300), Poshmark has quite a few listings from Zara and Forever 21.  You can bet I will be trying to snag this plaid shirt from J.Crew Factory (sold out online) during the Labor Day sales!
Well, I hope that these outfits gave you some inspiration for how to add mustard into your wardrobe.  This color is definitely one of my top favorite fall colors, and I am always looking for more ways to maximize my outfit pieces!

Which outfit is your favorite?
How do you plan on adding mustard to your fall wardrobe?
Thank you so much, Jordan, for having me on your blog today!


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