My life is cray.

Top: J.Crew Factory // Skirt: Loft // Necklace: J.Crew // Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: J.Crew // Bag: Steve Madden // Sunnies: Ray-Ban // Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Seriously, you guys!  
My apartment is upside down from packing and 
preparing for a yard sale that we're hoping to sell pretty 
much everything we own in.  The internet hasn't worked 
at my apartment complex in a week. And I've been trying 
to get as much time in with friends and family before we 
say goodbye to Kentucky.  Fingers crossed, posting will 
be more regular from me next week and I have some 
fabulous bloggers lined up to keep you company during 
my actual move.  More details to come.  Please 
just bear with me! :) 


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  1. Good luck to you! Moving is so stressful. But you look great and have fabulous shoes:) Susan

  2. Wish I was closer! The yard sale would be right up my alley!


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