Friday's Fancies: Transition Time

Transition Time on Opal & Violet

T-shirt // Blazer // Pants // Hat // Shoes

We all know that I'm no stranger to a great t-shirt.  While this bar shirt from J.Crew still hasn't quite made it's way into my closet, it's definitely been one that I've been mentally planning outfits with all Summer.  But now, as we transition to Fall, I'm creating some great styling ideas for this tee that will make the transition to Fall a breeze.  The perfect pair of leather leggings, a long blazer, and a few key accessories take all the Summer out of this t-shirt look.  I've been on a major black kick lately but I guess that's the direction I usually start to go this time of year.  It's just such a classic especially when paired with the perfect red lip!

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  1. I love this tee! Super cute outfit! Susan

  2. This is so edgy and fun. Love the hat! Have a happy Friday and be sure to check out my blog! .

  3. Faux leather leggings are HUGE this fall I've seen them every where. Love how you pulled together this look.

    Friday's Fancies

  4. Love the black and gray look! That striped tee is great!


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