Guest Post: Lex What Wear

Today I am so excited to have Alex from 

Lex What Wear as my guest!  Alex just moved to 

NYC from Lexington earlier this year and her blog is 

focused around delivering 'Lex' with fashion straight from 

the streets of NYC! You all are going to love the looks 

she's put together for you today!  After you've checked 

out these looks, be sure to head over to Lex What Wear

 and see for yourself how great this sweet girl's blog is!




GREAT NEWS: That ol' relaxing sweatshirt is all grown up and going through a fashion makeover of sorts. Today, it's more sophisticated with sharp silhouettes and amazing fabrications. I couldn't be more thrilled to see this garment transition into high-fashion. So for now, the sweatshirt has become an everyday staple for work or for play.

Below, I'm showing you how to make the most of this FAB wardrobe must-have for fall. I'm also sharing my sweatshirt tips on Lex What Wear today. The key to pulling off this chic look is to play it simple, but do it big. By that I mean, keep your outfit streamlined with a fitting skirt or a pair of pants, and have fun with your look too. You should also accessorize accordingly like I've done below. If the sweatshirt is plain, go for a big statement accessory. In this case, the sweatshirt is the accessory. Enjoy! 


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