Can't Live Without: Mani Edition

I have so many favorites from beauty to fashion to food and beyond.  It just seems natural to start a Can't Live Without series for you!  I'm excited to kick it off with the products that are most requested from my at home mani routine.  These 3 are an amazing combo!  

I wish I could remember who originally told me about each of these products but I'm positive it was from a mix of fabulous bloggers and YouTubers.  These three items are the Dream Team of my DIY mani. Seriously, my life changed when I started using them.  Pair any polish [albeit one of the Essie or OPI calbiber definitely holds up best] with these 3 for a long wearing, gorgeous mani. You can also expect to watch people's jaws drop when you tell them you did it yourself!  We'll just call it a hidden talent! ;)

Have a beautiful weekend, friends! 


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