Oh, how I've missed you!!

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Hello friends!! I can't even begin to express how much I've missed you during my absence here on the blog.  I never imagined that my big dreams of moving to NYC would keep me away from you but it [very!] sadly has.  Simply put, I'm working a lot.  Like seriously a lot.  I love my job tremendously but it has made posting about my personal style basically impossible.  In Kentucky, I was working far fewer hours and I was often able to take outfit photos during my lunch breaks.  Now, I'm not only working until well after daylight but I'm also wearing a uniform so there really isn't a lot of variety to even take photos of each day.  Let me tell you, I have been so hard on myself about it. I want so much to bring you more posts of my own personal style because I know that is what you enjoy the most.. but I've finally come to the realization that, at least for now, I just can't do it.

So I've spent the last month away from the blog and really thinking about what I want for Opal & Violet going forward.  I am not willing to give up my outfit posts completely.  Definitely not.  I will definitely still shoot them for you as frequently as I possibly can [although it will be more infrequent than not].  However, now in addition to my own outfits, I want to turn a lot of my focus to the style around me.  I live in New York City where the fashion is absolutely amazing.  I work with some incredibly fashionable people and I want to bring you some of their style.  I want to bring you fashion from the streets.  I want to bring you menswear.  Actually, I'm incredibly excited to step behind the camera and start putting some of my photography skills to use.  As fun as it is to be photographed, I would really like to use my camera myself!  You can still expect inspiration outfit boards, shopping guides, and even videos from time-to-time [those Birchboxes are piling up!].  

So it's official: you can get your fashion fix here on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays!  

I am so happy to be back!


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  1. AHH, sooo excited to have you back, and I can't wait to see your incredible photog skills put to good use! Loved everything about NYC street fashion, and I can't wait to get my weekly fix!


    1. Thanks Whit! I have truly missed this little home of mine.. and YOU! xo


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