Recent Obsession: Bow Shoes

Hi friends!  I know it's been a while and I promise that I have stories  to catch you up on my life but I must hold out just a little longer before I fill you in on everything.  There are a few crazy things going on right now and I'd rather wait until I can give you full resolutions instead of starting a story without an ending.  So, for now, I'm going to attempt to bring you as much fashion as frequently as I can.  Hopefully soon it will be as consistent (& as full of outfit posts!) as you and I would both like.  

One of my latest recent obsessions has been fabulous shoes with bows.  Now, this isn't really something I just started drooling over but rather an ongoing lust that I just couldn't hold it any longer.  You and I both know that I'm a huge sucker for girly details like bows, so I've rounded up a few current favorites of mine in both flat and high heel form.  I hope you'll be as inspired as I am going into Spring with these pretties in mind. 


Have a fantastic week!!


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