Recent Obsession: Backpacks

I am living for a great backpack right now.  Whether structured and polished or sporty and casual, I could easily pair one with nearly all my outfits this Fall.  I've searched high and low to find the most amazing selection of backpacks in every price point.  Which of these 12 picks do you want to add to your closet? I think it's safe to say that I want one of each!

Before you head off into your weekend adventures, make sure you're caught up on Wednesday's post. You've got to hear about all of my apartment drama to make you feel better about your own life! 

But seriously

Have an amazing weekend! I'll see you back here Monday but I'll see you on social media until then!


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  1. Well you know my love for all things Kate Spade so that's a given but I love that Herschel one!

    1. It sure is hard to say no to Kate Spade, isn't it?! Ahhh! I want it all!


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