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Ahhh.. it feels so good to be back, guys!  Thank you so much for the warm reception as I jump back into this creative outlet that I have so dearly missed.  Wanna play a little life catch up?  Awesome - just keep on reading!

So I moved to NYC a year ago (9.1.13) and absolutely could not wait to immerse myself in the fashion and culture of NYC.  Bright eyed and bushy tailed as some of my fellow southerners might say.  However, NYC is tough.  I mean, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into but I still did not understand the depth of how tough it could be.  I'm currently on my 3rd NYC apartment, for example.  Yes, that's a lot of apartments for 1 year and no, I do not enjoy moving. Our first NYC apartment was a fully furnished Airbnb rental that we stayed in for a pre-planned 3 months while we explored the city and figured out what neighborhood we wanted to move to. Well, that was the plan anyway.  Turns out apartment hunting in NYC is the most stressful experience of life. I am not exaggerating - ask anyone else who has ever gone through it and I guarantee that they'll agree. One second you've found the perfect place in your just slightly over your budget and the next second the landlord is giving it to his nephew.. which of course he had planned to do the entire time but still let realtors show the place. Ugh, true story.  

So eventually we found a HUGE space for an amazing price.. which is where we lived for about a month before an upstairs neighbor reported us to the city.  Okay, I'll back up.  This apartment was only so spacious because it was a basement apartment.. with very minimal windows.  Like 2 tiny ones but no actual sunlight except for about an hour before I even woke up every morning.  I know you're freaking out reading this but I promise you it was fine.  Except it wasn't.  You see this apartment was a newly converted basement apartment which had a backdoor into the first floor neighbor's private backyard.  The neighbor wasn't a fan of this although I swear to you we never had any intentions of ever cramping this guy's space and hanging out in his backyard.  But the day after the cable guy had to go out there to install our internet, well, the city mysteriously got a phone call reporting our little huge basement apartment.  

 Kate Spade dress (rent it! // buy it!)
Steve Madden wedges (similar)

So we had to move, right?  Well, yes, but not so fast!  Our landlord had to set up visits with the inspectors and architects, then set up a court date, then go to court, and then 4 months later we found out that we for sure had to move. That's when the apartment search started all over again.  To cut to the chase, we got very lucky that we had an amazing realtor, super and landlord that took great care of us during the entire situation.  We ended up taking a much smaller space just 3 blocks away in another one of our landlord's buildings.  The best part, our super was sweet enough to gather up some help and they moved all of our stuff for us.  So now we are living in this adorable loft apartment that looks much more like the NYC apartment we always expected to live in - a 5th floor walk up with a nearly nonexistent kitchen and closet space.  

And that's just one of the stories I have to catch you all up on.  More to come, promise! 

So here's what you can expect from me on Opal & Violet.  New posts every MWF and, when possible, additional content thrown in on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  My focus will still be on personal style, fashion inspiration, and beauty. Just let me know what content you're loving or if there is something else you'd rather see and I'll make it happen! 

See you Friday!!


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  1. Oh I'm so glad you are back--I've missed you so! And I'm so glad you have a space that you imagined--those are always the best! :)

    1. Thanks girl!! It feels so, so great to be back! And yes, I'm loving having an apartment that's just what we wanted AND we know we won't have to move for a while!! haah

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see you back on my Google feed this morning. I always love your outfits. All I can say about your moving experiences is...WOW! At one point when I was younger, I wanted to move to DC or NYC, but I'm over it. I love the city, but something like you just outlined would not be for me. Lol. You look fabulous. That dress is dangerous!

    1. Thanks for the love Ashley!!! xx

      The apartment situation was rough for sure, but it's definitely worth it to live in such a great city!! I've heard a lot of great things about DC, too!


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