A Sunday Stroll

Anthropologie jacket
H&M t-shirt 
Anthropologie necklace (old)
 vintage Liz Claiborne bag

Photographed by: Tyler 

I know you see all the other fashion bloggers with their super cute white Converse or Superga sneakers, but you know, I'm still not over Toms.  When I was buying this pair recently, Tyler actually said to me "I can't believe you still like those.  Don't you think they're a little overdone now?"  Well, maybe so, but you just can't beat a comfy shoe in this city that you know works. And when they have a fuzzy faux-fur lining you buy them.  In two colors.  Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

I am sorry, however, for the rough photos today, folks.  Don't take the graininess out on the photographer though. We were fighting the lighting conditions and I refused to go another day without an outfit for you, so we made a little sacrifice.  Anyone else still surprised when the sun starts setting super early?  I'm really hoping I'll get adjusted soon! 

Have an amazing week! I'll see you back here Wednesday!

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  1. Comfortable shoes are not something that's ever "over." I still wear my TOMS. They're a comfortable shoe and like you said, they come in a million colors!

    1. Glad to hear you feel the same! The fuzzy ones just got me so excited. I got them in 2 colors!

  2. Love your blog! I love Toms. I have 8 or more pairs, I have lost count. I do still have two pairs of old converse all stars, still with me from high school , ten years ago (wow I feel old!) But nothing can beat Toms. I love that they slip on, are between flats and sneakers, no need for socks, and they can be washed in the washing machine!


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