Let's start with a confession, shall we?  I've been exclusive with American Eagle undies for years. And by years I mean well before Aerie was even created and the waistband on the undies just said AE on them - like when I was an American Eagle obsessed middle-schooler. I think I'm allowed to consider myself a super fan, right? So you can imagine how excited I was when Aerie invited me to their blogger party at their SoHo store last week! Eek! I had so much fun checking out all of their adorable holiday items, DIYing a bejeweled beanie with the super sweet Jenni from I Spy DIY, and chatting about the best Aerie bras with fit & style specialist Jenny Altman! Oh, and shopping, obvi!

I just so happened to be in need of new bras (like in a totally embarrassing way that even my husband has been on my case about it), so I took this opportunity to figure out the perfect style for me.. and to pick it up in two colors!  For me, the Jennifer bra was everything I wanted.  It's lightly lined which is perfect since I'm a full C cup and don't really need the extra padding. It also has a hidden underwire that is, get this, covered in a foam padding! Yes, it is actually comfortable! Done and done!

There are lots of other items I'm obsessing over - robes, gloves, body cream, bralettes... I could go on forever!  You can shop some of my top Aerie picks below!


Row 1:  one // two // three
Row 2:  one // two // three
Row 3:  one // two // three


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  1. I love Aerie but I haven't shopped there in years! I love that you guys made beenies--so cute!

    1. I haven't shopped at AE in years but I just haven't been able to give up Aerie.. and for good reason! It's just too good! You should try it out!!


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