Holiday Gifts: The Beauty Lover

First things first, I don't even understand how it is possible to be talking about holiday gift guides already!  Time sure isn't slowing down for any of us so we had better get a jump start on the holiday shopping.  At this rate Christmas will be here next week!

This year I decided to stray from my typical gift guides of sorting options by person, but instead, I'll be sharing gift guides by interests.  I think this will give you so many more options for all those names on your shopping list.  As you can see, I decided to start with a category I definitely fall in, The Beauty Lover.  Some makeup and some skincare, some I've tried and some I'm hoping to try, you're sure to find the perfect beauty buy for everyone on your shopping list!

Check back each Wednesday through December for a new shopping guide in the Holiday Gift series!


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    1. Riiiight?! I clearly started with the shopping guide that I was the most excited about! haha


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