Where have I been??

Oh hey there!  Remember me?  Yep, I'm still alive & well here in NYC!  Since my last post (let's just pretend it wasn't 7 months ago, k?) I've fallen in love. You read that right. I have a new love now - YouTube.  You might remember that I made a few videos before to supplement this blog.  As much as I loved it then, it's gone to an entirely new level.  Do I know that I'm literally 10 years late to the game? Absolutely, but I don't mind one bit!  I am feeling refreshed and completely creative again! It's an incredibly exciting thing and I would love to bring you along for the journey!

Go ahead and pop on over to the YouTube page!  You'll find that those old videos are gone and it's ready for new beginnings!  In fact, I've started a fun vlog series called Summer in the City where I spend the next 3 months challenging myself to get out and explore NYC - the amazing city I've called home for nearly 2 years now!  The first video is up now so go check it out! You can also expect to see fashion, beauty & lifestyle videos!

So what does that mean for this place?  No worries - it's not going anywhere.  I will soon be posting fashion and beauty posts again but be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel as that's where the majority of my content will be coming from!  I hope you love the videos as much as I do! 

Oh yeah!  I'm on Snapchat now and am completely obsessed!  Follow me - opalandviolet 


Keep up with Opal & Violet!

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