Cold Shoulders

Oh hello there!  Thanks so much for all your kind words over my last post with Tobi!  Today I'm bringing you look #2 in this fun series of transitional season outfits! Now, I'm not sure if you're aware but - hold on to your hats - I turned 30 last November.  Okay, so you're probably not at all surprised (but my fingers are crossed that you are because I've been really investing in skincare lately!) but the point is not to draw attention to my fleeting youth but rather to make you aware that I'm getting a little old for mini-dresses.  Let's get real - it's not like I really wore mini dresses any.  But now that I'm venturing into this new decade I'm painfully aware of the youthful styles that I just can't conquer. As you've probably guessed already, this is where my handy pair of favorite denim comes in!  Yes ladies, this means you can buy those super cute mini dresses that you want to wear but know that it will barely cover your behind. Layer those bad boys over your favorite pair of jeans and suddenly you have a tunic that is perfect for this completely unpredictable spring weather! Brilliant, I know!

This was 100% the revelation I had while shopping on Tobi to pick out the styles I wanted to wear in collaboration with them.  I wanted to be true to myself and my own personal style to inspire you to do the same. While Tobi has lots of incredibly cute mini-dresses and rompers that are perfect for a 20-something, we 30-somethings can shop here, too! This dress is so amazing! The cold shoulder is completely on trend right now and could you just die over the little ties on the sleeves? Pro tip: have a girlfriend nearby if you plan to tie them in bows instead of just knotted. ;)  I highly recommend that you pop over and take a look at their cute collection of dresses and consider how you can creatively wear them with your wardrobe! I can't help but suggest this bell-sleeved black one and this lacy white one - they're both in my shopping cart right now! 

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