Why did you name your blog Opal & Violet?  Both Opal and Violet are names of two of my great-aunts! I loved the flow of their names together and a little family love made it feel just right. 

Why did you start your blog?  After graduating from college, I was searching for a hobby to fill that void of being busy everysecondofeveryday and I knew that creating my own space for my fashion obsession would be the perfect outlet. A few years went by where I would constantly think of content to blog about but I was just too afraid of the commitment. Finally, after a ton of encouragement from my husband and inspiration from my college pal Kristin, I just went for it!  Boy am I so glad that I did!

So, you're married?  I sure am!  My husband, Tyler, and I were married on April 10th 2010.  It's such a blessing to get to spend each day with my best friend.

How old are you?  I'm 31!  My birthday is November 27th if you'd like to send a gift! ;) 

Where do you live?  I was born and raised in Kentucky but I have been living in NYC since September 2013.  

Who takes your outfit photos?  My husband is my current photographer but I've had a lot of friends help me out in the past. I always give photo credits in my posts so you can reference each post individually. 

What kind of camera do you use?  I use my Sony Nex-5N (with this lens) and I LOVE it!  Thanks to my sweet in-laws Mike & Cheryl who bought it for me! :) 

Who are your biggest fashion influences? Rachel Zoe, Emma Stone, Jenna Lyons... I could go on for days.  

How do you curl your hair?  I give all credit to this tutorial from MakeupByTiffanyD!